New project: Vinegar factory

nextPlace has recently initiated a new project called “Essigfabrik”, which translates to “Vinegar factory”. The project will terminate in 2022 and its aim is to develop digital collaborative technologies and put their potentials regarding new forms of digitised cultural industries to the test, namely through several design thinking cycles.

The vinegar factory has been a cultural hub and event venue at the Deutzer harbour on the right bank of the Rhine in the city of Cologne. The entire waterfront is currently going through an urban development process that aims at transforming the former industrial harbour into a new neighbourhood, in which 6900 people can live and 6000 people can work. Consequently, the Deutzer harbour project is currently one of the biggest inner-city urban development projects in Germany. This urban transformation process serves as the foundation of the research, which examines new and innovative interlinks between urban digitalisation, urban development, and cultural industries. The research questions are as follows:

• How can cultured lifestyles and social interactions in public spaces be fostered?

• What sustainable benefits can be generated for stakeholders within urban development processes through using digital technologies throughout planning, marketing, and implementation stages?

• What technical and social restrictions need to be considered when developing appropriate solutions and what economic deployment models can be extracted?

• How does a district centre need to be designed so that it interlinks the challenges regarding smart and sustainable cities with the requirements for a healthy neighbourhood, including its social, cultural, and creative structures?

The project is funded through the state of North Rhine-Westphalia’s EFRE funds, more specifically through its funding regulation CreateMedia. nextPlace at OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts conducts this project in collaboration with cultural economic enterprise moStar Promotion GmbH Köln and other stakeholders within research, creative industries, and other industries, such as TH Köln and CreativeNRW.

Duration: 1.03.2019 – 28.02.2022
Affiliated partners: nextPlace, moStar Promotion GmbH 
Funding bodies: MWIDE NRW, EFRE.NRW