New forms of mobility: The cargo bike

nextPlace lab and urbanLab collaboratively support the “dela” project, which stands for “Detmolder Lastenrad-Projekt”, which, in turn translates to “Detmold cargo bike project”. dela is also supported by the German National Climate Initiative and aims at fostering the use of cargo bikes. Other supporting bodies include the Peter Gläsel Stiftung, the ADFC Kreis Lippe, the BUND Kreis Lippe, Lippe im Wandel, and the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The main function of OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts is to consult with the dela project coordinators in order to refine the project’s feasibility, especially with regards to challenges within the realm of traffic planning.

The project was initiated the early summer of 2017. As of right now, the final launch of the project has been completed by providing three cargo bikes at three different locations within the city of Detmold. Anybody can register to rent the cargo bike at no cost on the project website: