To Drive Like a Commuter

The web application shows the commuter movements for the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe in North-Rhine-Westphalia. To load commuter movements per municipality hover over it. The app uses data from Landesdatenbank NRW (commuters, population), Basis-DLM250 and OpenStreetMap. The commuter data (2014) is based on an export from Landesdatenbank NRW and was created by an employee from IT.NRW on special request by the research group nextPlace. The red lines show outgoing movement, the green lines ingoing. Transparency and number of points per line represent the commuter count. The chart visualizes the commuting parts (red/green) on the municipalities population (gray).


Idea and References

The webApp was inspired by uclab fh-potsdam and wanderGIS. The application uses code from leaflet, bootstrap, jquery, d3 and many sources on and the general internetz community.


The commuter data was given as csv then reformatted and imported into PostgreSQL for further processing. The ingoing und outgoing commuter from the Landesdatenbank NRW where joined to the municipalities centroids to visualize the commuter flow. The municipal IDs called AGS were used to join the commuter data to municipal geometries. To create the polylines centroids for ingoing and outgoing commuters were processed for each municipal via PostGIS functions (ST_MakeLine, ST_Centroid,…). To animate the movements CSS3 animations and stroke styling is used. D3 in conjunction with leaflet was used to create the bar chart.

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