Conference Poster @ AGILE 2017

We have presented our current project “AMiCUS” with a poster at the AGILE 2017 conference in Wageningen, the Netherlands.


The AGILE Conference is one of the leading international conferences of Geographic Information Science. Geo innovations for society were the main theme of the conference this year, which now had its 20th anniversary. During the conference with over 200 participants, numerous research projects were presented. The campus of the Wageningen University offered great conditions.

Poster Session

In the course of the poster session, we had a lot of interesting conversations with “AMiCUS”, we received numerous suggestions and discussed ideas for the further development of our project.


The poster is developed on Florian Hoedt’s contribution to the Open Innovation phase of the German Mobility Award 2017:

“As a result of demographic change and growing urbanization, remaining populations from rural areas even in developed countries are facing new challenges. For an increasing number of elderly people there is only a steadily declining number of stationary stores for everyday goods. At the same time, however, new possibilities for support are emerging as a result of the growing digitalisation. Without adapting the infrastructures, for example, community-based digital services can support the provision of people’s supply: via a digital service platform, private individuals help each other in everyday errands. The quality and usefulness of community-based services are generally dependent on a number of active users and, in that case in particular, on their movements in space and time. This number of users again strongly correlates with the quality and utility of such a service. The authors present an agent-based model (ABM) to investigate this interaction. In order to be able to estimate the opportunities and challenges of such services, the model will be carried out in a simulation with data and calculations from geographic information systems (GIS) for the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany. ”