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AMiCUS receives German mobility price

AMiCUS – A smart community driven supply for rural areas has won the first place within the context of the open innovation phase of the German mobility price:

(c) Juliane Eirich

The idea

Rural areas are associated with long distances. The daily food shop is therefore often a reason for people in rural areas to use their car, which leads to many long and inefficient rides. Professional food delivery services are currently trying to design new centralised transport infrastructure systems instead of using existent infrastructures intelligently. AMiCUS tries to achieve exactly that by drawing on private car journeys. More specifically, people that ride their car either way can distribute the requested goods.

A realistic AMiCUS scenario can be described as follows: The user enters a supermarket and their phone vibrates. Based on their route home, their phone screen displays various delivery requests from different regional inhabitants. These requests are being sorted based on criteria such as detours and the required time, the rating of the client, and their payment method. The user can conveniently decline or accept requests. If the user accepts a client’s delivery request, the app displays further requests that match with the detour of the accepted request. The awareness that the user can earn money and help people simultaneously incentives them to accept suitable delivery requests and to continue shopping.

AMiCUS brings the benefits of smart mobility and share economy to rural areas. As a community-based service, AMiCUS draws on the aspect of digitalisation, as well as on the strengths of local communities and rural areas.

PC visualisation: Deutschland – Land der Ideen/Stegmeyer Fischer Creative Studio

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